"Dragon Bowl" in Padauk finished in Dr. Ray's Genuine Bee Oil


See the making of this bowl!  https://youtu.be/yS5J-LYJLVE

Dragon Bowl in Padauk


This Padauk bowl surprised me with some odd figuring inside.  I am not sure what it is.  I have never seen anything like it in Padauk.  It reminded me of a dragon's egg, though.  Introducing the "Dragon Bowl"!


Africian Padauk wood is an exotic, non-endangered species (pterocarpus soyauxii) native to central and tropical west Africa, from Nigeria east to Congo-Kinshasa and south to Angola.


You can see the making of this bowl on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/yS5J-LYJLVE


The piece is signed by the artist on the bottom with pyography and finished in Dr. Ray's Genuine Bee Oil, a completely food-safe mixture of beeswax and mineral oil.