Dr. Ray's Genuine Bee Oil 2 oz Screw-Top Tin



  • Completely food-safe!
  • 100% natural ingredients!
  • Pleasant evergreen scent without any pine resin! (Original only)
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of beeswax!
  • 100% American hand-crafted using a traditional formula!
  • Moisturize dry skin! (chapped lips, dry elbows, cracked heels, etc.)
  • Protect & beautify dry wood! (butcher blocks, knife handles, bowls, etc.)
  • Lubricate & protect metal from rust! (hand and power tools, etc.)
  • Add sheen to your dog’s fur - known to repel fleas! (Original only)
  • Just dip your finger in and apply.
  • Rub into hands to moisturize after applying!
  • No bees were harmed in the making of this product.
  • The beeswax is harvested from American hives.


Genuine Reviews for Genuine Bee Oil:
"Incredibly great woodwork, but my favorite are the salves that I use daily to keep my hands soft without feeling greasy. Adding the salve to my hands with all the washing of my hands has done better than anything I've used." - Liisa U.
"If your hands are drier than a popcorn fart from all the washing you should try my friend Raymond's Dr. Ray's Genuine Bee Oil (handmade with beeswax.) My hands were red and cracking. I tried his salve and they seriously feel 110% better!" - Sarah T.
"This is amazing stuff, Raymond. I used it to clear up the blemishes on my face that nothing else was helping." - Ray S.


Although this product is absolutely food-safe,
it is not recommended for internal use.

Dr. Ray's Genuine Bee Oil 2 oz

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This salve truly is miraculous! It is completely food-safe. It can be used to bring life back to and to protect wood (cutting boards, steak knife handles, bowls, etc.), protect and lubricate metal tools, moisturize your dog's fur and skin as well as repel fleas (Original only), and even to moisturize your own lips, elbows, cracked heels, etc. Pleasant, gentle "evergreen" scent (Original only).

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