This wood has a story behind it.  I purchased the maple blank more than 10 years ago.  10 years ago, this month (December 2018), the blank this was made from came loose from the lathe and nearly killed me.  I remember hearing the "whirr" of the spinning block of wood and feeling its "breeze" as it flew by my right ear, hit a cabinet behind me, bounced back, and almost hit me in the back.  I stopped turning for 3 years, after that.

I swore to never turn this wood and to always leave it in my shop as a reminder of how quickly things can go wrong.  It has been on the shop floor for 7 of those years. 


I decided, on the 10 year anniversary of that event, to turn it into something so fragile that it could never hurt anyone.  And, as I began to open it up, I found a wonderful surprise - it had spalted!  And, what a most bizzare spalting pattern to find, too!  I have never seen anything like it and will be sharing these photos with the spalting groups.


This is the thinnest bowl I have ever turned.  The wall thickness is less than 1/4".  It stands 5 inches tall and is 4 inches wide at the mouth.  This wood will never hurt anyone, but only provide a century of marvel at it's cloudy sky spalting pattern.


The piece is signed by the artist on the bottom with pyography and finished in Dr. Ray's Genuine Bee Oil, a completely food-safe mixture of beeswax and mineral oil.  All cracks have been stabilized with CA glue.

Cloudy Sky Spalted Maple Wood Bowl


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