Big Leaf Maple Burl Bowl Finished in Dr. Ray's Genuine Bee Oil

Big Leaf Maple Burl Bowl


This Big Leaf Maple wood bowl was made from a burl, which is a stubby growth on a tree caused by stress or trauma, in which the grain grows is all different directions.  Tree burls are likened to cancer in animals, but are really just the tree's response to an injury of some sort. 


Big Leaf Maple wood is unlike most of domestic hardwoods available in that the lighter sapwood is more commonly used than the darker heartwood.  It is a non-endangered species (Acer macrophyllum) of maple native to the coastal regions of Pacific North America .


The piece is signed by the artist on the bottom with pyography and finished in Dr. Ray's Genuine Bee Oil, a completely food-safe mixture of beeswax and mineral oil.